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♥The Rules♥

1. This is a rating community. All members will rate you on your application answers, your looks, and everything you tell us about you.
2. Read over the rules carefully and make sure you understand what you are getting yourself into.
3. Once you get accepted, your job is simple, vote and promote. Promote as much as possible. Its very important to keep the community active.
4. Be honest, but nice when rating another person. If someone says something you dont like, dont start any conferentations, this is for fun. Again, be nice.
5. You are allowed to promote here, but don't over-do it. If it gets to be too much, your posts will be deleted, and so will you.
6. If you get rejected, you can reapply after one full week (7 days).
7. Once you join the community, you need to fill out the application within 24 hours, or you will be banned.
8. Your application must be a lj-cut. If you don't know how to LJ cut follow the simple example below.
To LJ-CUT type this without the stars : <*lj-*cut text="*whateveryouwanttosay*"> Then type what you want (the application)... Also, be creative when thinking of what to type for you "lj-cut"...
9. You will not be accepted based on race, color, religion, blah-de-blah, etc. etc. Basically, we accept people that seem to be interesting, creative people.
10. Once your in, you're allowed to vote on applicants. However, MOD's missheavensent and/or darkfaerie0322 have the final say.
The Application

♥Favorite Movies:
♥Favorite Books:
♥Favorite Music/Bands:

♥ Abortion :
♥ Love :
♥ Gay Marriage:
♥ Sex Before Marriage :
♥ September 11, 2001 :

Additional Info
♥Add any other additional information that you think we would like to know.

♥Promote 2qt_2b_4got10 to 3 LJ users... or 2 communities.
♥You must also proove that you have promoted 2qt_2b_4got10 below :

♥Add a couple (2-6) pictures of you, your boyfriend/girlfriend, or anything you'd like us to see... (keep it clean!)
(Note : at least ONE picture must be a clear picture of you!)

The MOD's

♥Name: Laura
♥AOL Instant Messanger: XI3RoKeNxSTaRx
♥Age: 19
♥Location: Syracuse, New York
♥Sexaulity: Straight
♥Status: Taken By Brad, since April 16, 2003 ♥
♥Favorite Movies: 'The Notebook', 'Dirty Dancing', 'A Man Apart'... Too many to name =)
♥Favorite Books: Any of Nicholas Sparks books... (So far, 'The Notebook' is #1)
♥Favorite Music/Bands: Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, Count The Stars, The Get Up Kids, Shades End, again, too many to name...
♥Hobbies: Dancing, Photography, Writing (lyrics, music, stories, poetry)...
♥Creator MOD

♥Name: Jenny
♥Age: 16
♥Location: Poconos, PA
♥Sexaulity: Straight
♥Status: Single, and not really looking.
♥Favorite Movies: 'The Notebook', 'Dirty Dancing' 1 &2, 'The Princess Bride'...
♥Favorite Books: The Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling, 'The Wheel of Time' by Robert Jordan, 'The Symphony of Ages' by Elizabeth Haydon, 'To Kill a Mockingbird' by Harper Lee and anything by Clive Cussler.
♥Favorite Music/Bands: I love oldies, anything from the 80's back. But for recent music, I love Lifehouse and 3 Doors Down
♥Hobbies: Cheerleading, reading, writing, designing websties, playing with photoshop, babysitting...
♥Graphics/Layout MOD
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