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The Application


♥Name: shalynn

 ♥Age: 14

 ♥Location: canada

♥Sexaulity: straight

♥Status: single..i think..

♥Favorite Movies: the notebook, madagascar, chicago, the o.c. season one (and im sure i will love season two when it comes out!) save the last dance..a whole bunch of stupid corny ones

♥Favorite Books: the gossip girl series, the A-List series, star girl, the sisterhood of the traveling pants series, i admit i have read some of the o.c. books..

♥Favorite Music/Bands: hm..i dont have a type of music..i listen to everything from emo to rap to rock to candy pop to..genre-less stuff..

 ♥Hobbies: dance (tap jazz ballet pointe hip hop) laughing, excersizing (like the fun kind!) eating! yums..



♥ Abortion : not really for it..women should have thought about the consequences...but i dont think it should be illegal..we need to have a choice girls!

♥ Love : ahh...i have never personally experienced it..but i do beleive in true love, love at first sight, and i think also soulmates..also i think one can be in love at any age

 ♥ Gay Marriage: i think that we live in a free country, and should be allowed to love whoever we want! i dont really get what this whole craziness is about..just let people be happy and move on!

 ♥ Sex Before Marriage : hm..i think i am going to try and save myself..but if i really think im in love and mentallly and physically ready, i might change my mind..every girl is different, and should only give herself up when she feels ready, and shouldn't be pressured into anything..

 ♥ September 11, 2001 : wow..since i live in canada, i wasn't as affected by this tradgedy as some people who live in america. our school still had assemblies to try to explain what happened, and the afternoon of the 11th, i remember sitting in class as my teacher cried (she was from new york and her husband was there at the time..she couldnt reach him)and i didnt really understand the full extent until a few months later (i was only in the fourth grade at the time..

 wow..sorry if i rambled on a bit much! hah..

^^ that's me! kinda old is different isnt working :(    long story about the fazzle thing..some good times though...


^^ me again! meh..not a very flattering isnt working right :( nice :)

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