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The Application

♥Name: Nicole
♥Age: 15
♥Location: Boca
♥Sexaulity:  Felmale
♥Status: Single
♥Favorite Movies: a cinderella story, honey, bring it on, shes all that
♥Favorite Books: gossip girl books
♥Favorite Music/Bands: i like pop music- jesse mccartney, usher, simple plan, ashlee simpson, jessica simpson,hillary duff
♥Hobbies: cheerleading, dance, singing

♥ Abortion : i think it is wrong to kill a babies life over a mistake that a teenage or some1 made!!
♥ Love : i believe in love and i think anyone can be in love at any age
♥ Gay Marriage: if you love some1 i dont c why u cant marry them!!
♥ Sex Before Marriage : i dont think u need to hold ur virginity until marriage, if u are in love with someone b4 u are married, its ok to have sex with them
♥ September 11, 2001 : it was the most horrible even that i think ever happen to the United States. it was very devistating

Additional Info
♥ im about 5'.. cute.. sweet..nice..caring...skinny...

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