baybij131 (baybij131) wrote in 2qt_2b_4got10,

♥Name: Jill
♥Age: 15
♥Location: Parkland Fl
♥Sexaulity: striaght, boy crazii! 
♥Status: single, keeping my options open!
♥Favorite Movies: notebook, mean girls, how to deal, a walk to remember, Eurotrip
♥Favorite Books: the notebook
♥Favorite Music/Bands: Pop, R&b, Rap: Jessica Simpson, Justin Timberlake, Ashlee Simpson, Usher, chingy, eminem. I'm very diverse, as u can see
♥Hobbies: shopping, dancing, cheerleading, talking, and of course, boys!

♥ Abortion: only should be allowed if you were raped. Otherwise, it is murder
♥ Love : amazing. Everyone should fall at least once
♥ Gay Marriage: People should have the right to marry whoever they want!
♥ Sex Before Marriage : Hell ya!
♥ September 11, 2001 : terrible! :(  

me and joey!! (one of my best friends) yea, he's a hottie!

me and greg Raposo.. singer (hottie)

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